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Revolutionary and unique way to stay updated on your pregnancy progress no matter where you are.

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How does digital pregnancy card work?

Simply scan the card with your phone or tablet anytime you wish to see all important dates in your pregnancy and more.

How do I activate my digital pregnancy card?

In order for digital pregnancy card to work you will need to provide us with your last menstual period date and we will generate a special code that will be used with your digital pregnancy. For more information, please read the insruction on the back of your card.

How do I get my digital pregnancy card?

Digital pregnancy card is a complimentary gift to our customers. Every order will include one free digital pregnancy card.

Is digital pregnancy card really FREE?

Digital pregnancy card is absolutely free with any order you place on Gendermaker website.

Can I get more than one digital pregnancy card?

Due to the limited supply only one digital pregnancy card is available per order.

What is the capability of digital pregnancy card?

The capability of digital pregnancy card is virtually unlimited. Digital pregnancy card is fully compatible with twitter and facebook. By simply scanning the card, check your complete pregnancy progress, or send updates to your loved ones via email, facebook, and twitter.

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